Our Products


Our product design and manufacturing processes always begin with function first.

Our tables and seating are suitable for a wide range of settings and uses, are hard wearing, robust and, particularly our folding trestle tables and benches, easy to store and versatile.

Our furniture is ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

Scandinavian Redwood

This sustainably sourced, hard-wearing, and attractively grained timber is naturally resistant to moisture and lends itself to being stained/finished.

The timber we use is sourced from FSC and PEFC plantations.

Reclaimed Scaffold Boards

Our scaffold boards are sourced from local suppliers and chosen for their unique character and qualities. Each board has led a life of its own, so adds to the story of the finished product. No two tables are alike - the antithesis of mass-produced, flat-packed, MDF-based 'wooden' furniture.

Protection / Stain / Finish

Our indoor use furniture is finished with a commercial-grade lacquer that offers superior durability. It dries to an extremely hard-wearing, non-yellowing finish band contains anti-microbial properties to kill harmful bacteria. 

Our outdoor furniture is finished with a UV-resistant exterior wood oil that offers superior durability against weathering. It contains biocides to protect against mould, algae, and fungal attack.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Use

Over and above the standards to which our indoor furniture is made, our outdoor products are crafted to withstand increased exposure to moisture and fluctuations in temperature. Our outdoor furniture is assembled to allow for expansion and contraction.